Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Research

November 2018 - August 2019

Tucson, Arizona

  • Conducted 200+ hours of data analysis and algorithm of Mars’s atmospheric properties during its 2018 Summer Global Dust Storm by using Python and IDL to translate the direct, raw data to graphs
  • Presented an 18-page research paper at a conference at Icagen to discuss the discovery that Mars’s atmospheric temperature increases when a global dust storm occurs while relating the results to Mars’s future colonization project
  • Operated the Kuiper 61” telescope at Mt. Lemmon Observatory to analyze the composition of Comet 46P/Wirtanen

Boeing Design Team Challenge

March 2020

Los Angeles, California

  • Contested against 15 other teams and received 3rd place for presenting one of the best solutions for creating a Solar, High, Altitude Long Endurance (SHALE) Vehicle that maximized communication range while minimizing cost
  • Constructed the technical drawing of the aircraft and assisted with calculating the cost with excel in 90 minutes

This Website Portfolio and USC Web-Publishing Coursework

January 2020 - Present

Los Angeles, California


University of Arizona Solar Oven Design Team

October 2017- January 2018

Tucson, Arizona

  • Designed the dimensions, measurements, and technical drawing with AutoCAD based on the calculated equations developed in Excel to construct the most efficient and inexpensive solar oven
  • Competed against other teams and achieved 1st place for having the highest calculated temperature value and the lowest error value of 0.15% compared to the predicted value of temperature

Esports Journalism

August 2019 - Present

Tucson, Arizona